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A Year In Review: 7 Make & Taste Favorites

The new year is right around the corner and I always enjoy looking back at all of the delicious recipes my kitchen helper and I made together. From the most creative, mom's night favorite, the recipe ... Continue Reading

Prepping For Valentines Day Part 2: Pre-k Toddler Ideas and Inspiration (Non-Candy)

Are you in need of some inspiration for toddler Valentines Day gifts that do not include candy?  There are so many options out there and using my toddler's school as a guide, candy is not allowed. ... Continue Reading

Prepping For Valentines Day Part 1: Teacher Appreciation

With Valentines Day a month away it's time to start planning what your kids will be bringing to their teachers to show their appreciation.  Considering both of my parents were teachers, I'm all for ... Continue Reading