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Massachusetts Feature: Allergy Friendly Baking with Natalia- Oatmeal Banana Cookies

My mom likes for us to be healthy, but we love cookies, what kid doesn't.  I started making these oatmeal banana cookies and my family loves them.  We nicknamed them breakfast cookies because they ... Continue Reading

Massachusetts Feature: Baking Allergy Friendly Banana Bread with Natalia

I started using this recipe because I have allergies (dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish) and at birthday parties I could never have the cake and ice cream. Cupcakes give me stomach aches ... Continue Reading

Road Trip: The Lobster Pool Restaurant, Rockport, MA

In August 2010, I hopped a flight to Boston, Massachusetts to spend the weekend with my friends. I had just started dating a really handsome guy, who happened to be visiting his hometown in Boston ... Continue Reading

Cape Cod Road Trip: The Chatham Candy Manor

I have been visiting the Chatham Candy Manor, in Chatham, Ma, since I was a child, so the ability to bring my son to a place that holds so many fond memories is a thrill.  My toddler has now enjoyed ... Continue Reading