Holiday Gift Idea: Create And Share Your Own Cookbook

I love to create personalized holiday gifts and wanted to share my favorite one with you.  A Cookbook!  Back in 2010 I decide to create a cookbook of all my mom’s signature desserts and gift the book to my sister for Christmas.  This way we would always have the recipes in one place and enjoy baking for our own families in the future.  Who knew that we would both be referencing this book today.  I used Blurb to create the book and loved that I could also add photos of food, family and old-school kitchen tools from my childhood.  The photos always make me smile and I treasure the recipes I compiled back then.

Every family has their signature recipes, you may even have some classic photos from decades pasts making these recipes in mom’s or grandma’s kitchen.  All those memories are wrapped up in the food we enjoy over the holidays and a cookbook is a perfect way to preserve them.

Now it’s your chance to do that same.  Gather photos of family members of holiday’s past and present, signature recipes and fun stories and create your own family cookbook and/or photo book today as the perfect personalized holiday gift!

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(As a proud member of the Blurb Affiliate Program I am only compensated when books are created, this is not a paid advertisement)

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  • comment-avatar
    Meghan November 10, 2016 (9:41 am)

    What an awesome idea for the holidays. It’s so unique and personal! Thanks for the suggestion and example.

    • comment-avatar
      Nicole Bedard November 10, 2016 (9:45 am)

      Thank you Meghan! Best personalized gift ever.