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As a professional photographer I capture a lot of images on a yearly basis.  It seems as though I always have my iPhone out every day taking images of my adventures with my son and family road trips.  My professional camera also gets used often so both add up to thousands of photos.  These days everyone takes photos and captures significant events in their lives.  With the advent of Facebook and Instagram people have huge collections of memories waiting to be curated into photo books.

I have been using Blurb since 2010.  They are are focused on producing the best quality photo books, trade books, magazines, and Ebooks.  I’m now a proud member of the Blurb Affiliate Program, which means that I believe in the product they provide their customers and the importance of curating your own story through photographs.  This year I created Make & Taste and it was a huge project to take on.  My toddler and I have been on many food adventures over the years, which has turned into this fun and informative blog.  As part of the Affiliate Program I was able to create a fresh new photo book and I’m calling it “The Making of Make & Taste”.  It’s a collection of all the favorite sweet treats we have made with each other, funny portraits, bloopers and kitchen selfies.  I will treasure this book.

Now it’s your turn to curate your images and create a special photo book that tells your story and gift this book to those close to you.  It could be a once in a lifetime vacation, new baby, first birthday, wedding, first year of school, a move across country, the list could go on.  Blurb supports Instagram and Facebook too, so there is no reason stopping you from starting this process today.

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