A Kids Style Yule Log: Chocolate Cupcakes With Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

As I planned for the holiday’s I considered making a yule log for the first time, but since I wasn’t hosting a large holiday party I decided to take a different approach.  A deconstructive yule log or Buche de Noel.  Typically, a yule log is made of a rolled chocolate sponge cake with vanilla frosting and topped with ganache.  So naturally a chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting wrapped in a wood grain design wrapper sounded like a great way to interpret the yule log, kid style. Nested together with some festive decorations you have a perfect “yule log” design for your holiday table centerpiece.

This recipe makes 6 cupcakes, again great for the small family, but if you need more please adjust the recipe to meet your needs.  These moist cupcakes have great chocolate flavor due to the use of coffee, so I highly recommend not skipping that ingredient.  Enjoy the holiday’s with this festive take on the yule log!

Have you ever made a yule log? If so, I would love to hear about your experience.  Leave a comment below.

Recipe Source: CelebratingSweets
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Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins
Yields: 6


  • CAKE
  • 1/2 Cup - Granulated Sugar
  • 1/2 Cup - All-purpose Flour
  • Heaping 1/4 Cup - Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
  • 1/2 Teaspoon - Baking Powder
  • 1/4 Teaspoon - Baking Soda
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 Egg
  • 3 Tablespoons - Milk
  • 2 Tablespoons - Vegetable or Canola Oil
  • 1/2 Teaspoon - Pure Vanilla Extract
  • 1/4 Cup - Hot Coffee
  • 1/4 Cup - Unsalted Butter (room temperature)
  • 1/4 Cup - Shortening
  • 2 Cups - Powdered Sugar
  • 1/2 Teaspoon - Pure Vanilla Extract
  • 2-3 Tablespoons - Water


  1. Preheat over to 350 degrees and place 6 liners in a muffin tin. Set aside
  2. If you need to make a cup of coffee, I would make one now, as it doesn't take long to complete the next steps
  3. In a stand mixer (or hand mixer) combine the Sugar, Flour, Cocoa Powder, Baking Powder, Baking Soda and Salt
  4. Then add the Egg, Milk, Oil and Vanilla Extract. Beat together for 2 minutes
  5. Add the Coffee and beat until incorporated. You may need to scrap the sides of the bowl down. The resulting batter will be thin
  6. Divide the batter evenly between the cupcake liners. Bake for 15 minutes or until the tops spring back when you touch them. Transfer pan to wire rack and cool
  8. In a stand mixer (or hand mixer) cream together the Butter and Shortening
  9. Add the Vanilla Extract and mix until incorporated
  10. Add the 1/2 of the Powder Sugar and combine. Add second 1/2 and combine. If the frosting becomes too stiff, add 2 Tablespoon of water. Combine. Add additional water until desired consistency
  11. You can use a pastry bag, off-set spatula or knife to apply the frosting. I used an off-set spatula and dragged a fork through to add a textured look
  12. Once frosted you can add your festive wrappers, cluster the cupcakes together, add some decoration and Enjoy!

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