Stop Motion Food Recipe Videos (iPhone Basics) Have you ever made a stop motion food recipe video before? Is it something you have been wanting to try, but didn't know what to do? Well, today is your lucky day as I have just launched my latest video: Stop Motion iPhone Basics (Gear, Demo and Edit Process). These videos are fun to make and once you make a few, you will gain confidence and become even more creative in the kitchen. I created this helpful tutorial video because it's not enough these days to ... Continue Reading

A Beginners How-To Video On iPhone Food Photography

Fall baking is my favorite time to be in the kitchen. The holidays and birthday celebrations all happen during this time for my family. So why not capture some amazing memories with your iPhone along the way. As a professional photographer I am constantly using my iPhone to capture daily milestones, funny moments and family life. Food photography is no exception. There are many times when I have been out enjoying a meal and need to capture a shot. When professional gear is not in use, my ... Continue Reading

Small Batch Ginger Molasses Cookies

September is here and let's bring on all the fall dessert treats! In my family ginger molasses cookies are something we enjoy all year round. We are typically enjoying them from a local bakery but for this upcoming school week I wanted to make our homemade version. Now my family does not need a dozen or more cookies in the house, so I adapted the recipe to just make 6 total cookies. Now the cookie dough does spread so they are a treat worthy size cookie. My kitchen helper finally made a ... Continue Reading

Easy Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Fall 2020 is about enjoying all the little things. Fall foliage, apple cider, cooler weather and of course pumpkin desserts. I was in search of a pumpkin dessert that also doubled as a dessert my kitchen helper already loves, which is coffee cake. So when I came across this Pumpkin Coffee Cake recipe from King Arthur Baking I knew I had to try it. This recipe is a classic streusel coffee cake with the thick layer of crumb topping and center layer of more delicious sugar cinnamon mixture. ... Continue Reading

Cast Iron Blueberry Cornmeal Cake

When I received a special issue of Bake From Scratch Magazine called One Layer Cakes, and passed by this cast iron blueberry cornmeal cake, I knew I had to try making it. Since pick-your-own blueberry season is still underway here in Connecticut, our first step in making this recipe was to drive to our local farm and pick the required amount of blueberries, plus additional for daily snacking. This recipe is great to make with your kitchen helper(s) of any age. Once I pre-measured all ... Continue Reading

Food Lifestyle Photography With Kids

I'm excited to announce that I'll be providing a video tutorial series on Food Photography with kids! This series is four years in the making and it's time to pass along some helpful tips and tricks to you so you can feel more confident photographing your children while baking with your children. As if baking wasn't stressful enough with little hands in the mix, right? Capturing images adds another layer of complexity, but it can be done. I'm here to show you my tips and tricks to do both ... Continue Reading

Slow Cooker Beef Tacos with Homemade Flour Tortillas

Summer has arrived and tacos are a great meal to enjoy all season long. These slow cooker beef tacos with homemade flour tortillas and pickled red onions satisfied my family's street tacos craving. I also love that my kitchen helper was involved in making the spice rub and rolling out the flour tortillas. I'm pretty sure the warm tortillas were his favorite part of the dish. This recipe calls for a boneless chuck roast, which requires low and slow cooking for 8 hours. The slow cooker was ... Continue Reading
Cover image for the 5 recipes for the 4th of July

5 Desserts To Make This 4th Of July

Fourth of July 2020 is upon us and although we won't be celebrating as we did last year or years before that, we can still celebrate with the ones we love at home. Why not enjoy a delicious dessert to cap off the day. These are 5 recipes worth trying this holiday. They are fun, festive, colorful and would please most palettes. Take a family poll, chocolate, vanilla or fruit? Or cookie, tart, cupcake or cake? To see what to make this holiday. Recipe Snapshot Mix Berry Tart: No bake, use ... Continue Reading

Homemade Cinnamon Bread

I can't believe I'm going to confess this, but when I was in graduate school I used to reward my good grades with store bought cinnamon bread (without raisins) Ha! Thinking back on this makes me laugh and even funnier is that when I was talking to my little kitchen helper about our 4 year Make & Taste blog anniversary he suggested Homemade Cinnamon Bread to be the feature recipe. How could I say "no". Happy 4 year Make & Taste Anniversary! It's hard to believe that four years ... Continue Reading

No Bake, Small Batch S’mores Cake

Memorial Day Weekend 2020 is going to be a bit different, like most national holidays this year. Never did we think a pandemic would sweep the country and restrict us from seeing family and friends. But it's all to slow the curve and hopefully holidays in the future will be filled with family and friends again; without social distancing. For all these reasons I decided to make my family of three this No Bake, Small Batch S'mores Cake. This recipe was adapted from Sally's Baking Addiction ... Continue Reading