• 3 Top Bacon Recipes

Top 3 Bacon Recipes Dads Will Love

With Father’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to put some recipes together that were Dad approved. To do this, I reviewed recipes in the Make & Taste archives and pulled out some that I know Dads would love. I think the main reason Dads will enjoy these recipes because they all contain bacon. Dad always loves handmade gifts and maybe even a round of golf, but why not bake his favorite sweet treat made with love along with your little kitchen helper. These recipes have been some of the most popular on the blog and my little kitchen helper and I enjoy making each one. He’s a big fan of bacon, so of course he is always a willing baking assistant when I am using it in a recipe.

The below recipes all require you to oven bake the bacon. My method involves oven baking an entire pack of bacon, because the leftovers will never go to waste. Or if you are in my kitchen, the bacon is snacked on while we make the recipe. The method is pretty simple. Preheat oven to 400°. Line a baking sheet with the strips of bacon (don’t overlap) with no parchment or foil. Depending on the thickness and amount of slices you may need a second baking sheet. Oven bake for 17-20 minutes for crispy salty goodness.  After the bacon is cooked, you can now use it in any of the below recipes.


3 Top Bacon Recipes Maple Bacon Donuts
Maple Bacon Donut Recipe

3 Top Bacon Recipes Maple Bacon Cookies
Maple Bacon Cookie Recipe

3 Top Bacon Recipes Bacon Pecan Bars
Bacon Pecan Bar Recipe

3 Top Bacon Recipes

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