Sugar Cookies

Your Go-To Sugar Cookie Recipe (+ Video)

There are so many recipes that every home baker should have in their online recipe box. When you have kids, a classic sugar cookie is one recipe that you will make many times over the years for birthday parties, family gatherings and just for those days that you feel like making cookies together. This easy 6 ingredient recipe only uses one bowl and once your kitchen helper is old enough, they can handle making up a batch with minimal supervision. My kitchen helper is 5 years old and once he ... Continue Reading
homemade ice cream cone chips

Easy Homemade Ice Cream Cone Chips To Elevate Your Next Party

Summer temperatures have been soaring and ice cream has been a great treat to cool off with. After making a batch of homemade vanilla bean ice cream (original post link) I wanted to make the treat even more special by making homemade cone chips. I do not own a waffle cone maker and try not to purchase single purpose kitchen equipment so I made these ice cream cone chips on the stove top. This easy recipe uses 6 ingredients and 1 bowl. Your kitchen helper will feel like a true chef when pouring ... Continue Reading
o Maximizing Fun and Minimizing Stress When Baking With Kids

5 Tips To Maximize Fun and Minimize Stress When Baking With Kids

Baking with kids, especially under the age of 5, can be stressful and messy but these 5 tips will help you instantly minimize those challenges and help create positive baking memories with your child. I started baking with my kitchen helper at the age of two. Their natural curiosity will typically have them following you into the kitchen and wanting to use the special equipment and/or taste ingredients. Yes, there is a tasty treat at the end of a baking session, but little do your children know ... Continue Reading

Where To PYO Strawberries In Connecticut Now (+ Recipes)

Rose's Berry Farm and Lyman Orchards will be ready for Pick-Your-Own Strawberries season this weekend. If you want to beat the rush, Rose's Berry Farm opened June 7th and Lyman Orchard's opens June 8th. We traveled to Rose's Berry Farm today and we were impressed by how many large size strawberries were available. Of course you can't beat the view on top of the strawberry field hill at Lyman Orchards. We can't wait to head over there this season as well.  This is the third year my kitchen ... Continue Reading
food destinations to visit this summer with your kids

4 Connecticut Food Destinations To Visit This Summer With Your Kids

Summer is right around the corner and it's time to hit the road and visit some Connecticut food destinations that are great for your kids. My kitchen helper and I have been visiting many of these locations for years and they have become annual traditions. Pack sunscreen, a picnic blanket, water and snacks for the car. Oh and have your camera ready to document all the fun memories along the way. Happy Summer Break! Lyman Orchards: Location: 150 South Street, Middlefield, CT 06455 Open: ... Continue Reading

An Easy Strawberry ShortCake Dessert Bar With A Twist

When summer arrives it's all about family cookouts and creating memories. Memorial Day Weekend is not only a day to remember those who have served but, for me, also a time to appreciate those who are in your life now. To gather with friends and/or family and create new memories and reconnect from the past year. This weekend kicks off the summer and nothing says summer more than strawberry shortcake. There are so many options when it comes to strawberry shortcake including angel food cake, ... Continue Reading

How To Grow A Vegetable Garden With Your Kids: Part 3

For this series on How To Grown A Vegetable Garden With Your Kids, I wanted to concentrate on one single vegetable in order to learn some basic gardening skills. Our tomatoes were off to a great start and we learned vital information during each stage. During the first phase, we learned we should have planted the seed a little deeper to prevent "leggy" tall and weak seedlings. Additionally, the soil pods used to start the seedlings indoors was a great success, they were easy to use and ... Continue Reading
Madeleine Cookies for Mother's Day

4 Mother’s Day Madeleine Cookies That Will Have Her Asking For The Recipe

Cookies always make a great gift to celebrate someone special. In honor of Mother's Day, I baked these four Mother's Day Madeleine cookies that are easy to make and packed with flavor. I wanted to highlight four flavors that would accommodate most palettes. Fresh lemon for those who love citrus, cinnamon with vanilla glaze for the cinnamon roll fan, dark chocolate Espresso for the coffee lover and for those who want a classic flavorful cookie, the Honey Vanilla. After making all four flavors ... Continue Reading
Dinosaur Snickerdoodle Cookies

Celebrate Your Child’s Interests: Dinosaur Snickerdoodle Cookies

When you become a mother to a son, some things are certain. First, you will become an expert in every type of construction truck during the toddler stage and the passion for all things trucks and cars never seems to end. I imagine this is equivalent to a little girl's love for all things princesses. Second, your son's interest in dinosaurs enters into their young life and their imaginative play with these colorful, detailed figurines is endless. After receiving his first pack of dinosaurs for ... Continue Reading
Heirloom Tomato Tart

Guest Feature: Heirloom Tomato Tart

Last  Sunday morning, I was enjoying coffee and  pancakes with my family over an episode of “Goldie and Bear.”   Usually I’m half tuned in to my daughter’s cartoons, but one of the scenes in this episode caught my eye.  “Goldie’s Do-Over Day,” a story about a spell “that lets you do things over. lt comes in handy when you make a mistake.” I flashed to several years ago,  one Friday night, when I attempted to make  homemade pizza for my friends. I’ll never forget ... Continue Reading