Welcome to Make & Taste!


That’s Me!

Welcome to Make & Taste! As my family and friends know, I love to cook and really love to bake, and I’m passing on these important life skills to my toddler.

I created this children’s lifestyle and food blog to share my adventures of cooking and baking with my son. What I discovered over the years is that I’m not alone in this passion of exposing children to the importance of knowing where our food comes from. This blog will also highlight food road trips and special features of others around the world. Just wait, I have so many fun adventures to share.

A little about me

I grew up with a vegetable and fruit garden in my backyard and had a mom who instilled in me the love of cooking and baking. Now that I have a child of my own, I realize how important these skills are. Cooking and baking build confidence and teach awareness of the origin of foods which help our children understand and appreciate quality food and nutrition. I still remember the scratch-made foods I would help my mom create. Especially now I look back and appreciate those times and look forward to doing the same with my child.


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