Christmas Kids Table: Design Inspiration and Resources

If you are hosting a large group to celebrate Christmas and will be setting up a kids table, this is the post for you.  Just like my Thanksgiving Kids Table post (link) I used materials on-hand and purchased a few items to make the “trees” and “reindeer bark” favors. Using my toddler’s art table, which is 4 feet by 2 feet, I was able to create a place setting for four kids.  You can have a lot of creative fun when decorating for kids, but remember your audience, keep the materials safe and minimize their ability to be too destructive.  This is a simple approach to a fun and festive table that will welcome your guests.

Here is the breakdown:

  • The paper: I used the art paper we already had, which was an inexpensive roll from IKEA. But you could also use the darker brown packing paper found in most packing supply locations or Target.
  • Plates and Silverware: Based on the age of the children who will be at the table, choose age appropriate plates and silverware. Since toddlers are the audience for my table, I traced, with pencil, the plastic plates, fork and spoon (they probably won’t use a knife, which is why it’s not used but you can adjust accordingly).  The red plates used are a deep plastic plate with designated place to hold and carry, which is helpful for kids.
  • Paper Tree Decor: I purchased a 25 sheet festive pack of 8×11.5 paper and created 10 trees at various heights.  They are easy to put together and make various sizes.  I created a 11.5″h, 8.5″h, 5.5″h and 4.25″h.
    • Step 1 – Solid color paper trees need two pieces of folded paper to stand up.  Patterned paper trees need four pieces of paper, since the back is white.
    • Step 2 – Choose one of the 4 sizes to create.
      • Example. 11.5″ size Tree: Fold the paper in half the long direction. (either 2 sheets for solid color paper or 4 for pattern paper)
    • Step 3 – Sketch the tree design in pencil.  Be creative with different shape trees!
    • Step 4 – Cut along the pencil mark.
    • Step 5 – Glue back side of tree and attached the other cut out designs.  See the pictures below.
  • Name Cards: Heavy white card stock was used and the 4.25″h trees were made for the name cards (see pictures below).  I simply wrote the name of the child with crayon.  You can easily create this name card into an ornament by adding a hole punch on top and adding a string or ribbon.  This becomes another take home favor.
  • Favor:  A simple, low cost, sweet treat that is festive will be appreciated by the guest. I made Chocolate Reindeer Bar.  I melted semi-sweet chocolate and lightly pressed pretzels, candy eyes and a red M&M to create the design. My how-to steps in creating these sweet treats will be posted tomorrow (12/15/16) so stay tuned!!

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